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A Crafting venue for the whole community

At Forget-Me-Not we truly believe in the benefits of creativity at all stages, for all ages. We have tried to create a venue where you can feel at home, relax, create amazing things and leave with a real sense of pride.
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From evening adulting crafting sessions such as Macrame, Crochet & Glass Painting, to Kids Craft Club, Toddler Tuesday and The Craft Den. We have something for everyone!

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Kate and Den

Where it all started

Forget-Me-Not came about when my lovely Dad, Den (or Grumpy to my children!), passed away in 2021. My dad was forever drawing, painting and making wonderful things (and my mum still is!) so I have grown up to have a love of crafting, as have my own children.

I wanted to move forward by doing something in Dad’s memory … so Forget-Me Not was born!

Passionate about children exploring new arts & crafts

Having worked with children for many years at a primary school and preschool setting, I wanted to provide the opportunity for children to make and create the way I and my children used to with Dad. So this led to the idea of The Craft Den.

The pride on a child’s face when they complete their craft is plain to see, and when their hard work is praised, it is also a great boost to their self-confidence. Being in small groups is also an advantage, as while they will hone their skills of sharing and patience, they will feel less pressure to conform and can let their creativity flow!

Kate and Family

“Definitely recommend! lovely staff, great price, lots of choice for kids to paint. Thank you for another lovely visit!”

My lovely Mum

Why Adult Crafting?

Here’s my lovely Mum (on the left), enjoying the benefits of adult crafting after my Dad passed away. 

There is so much research into the benefits of crafting and a person’s mental health that I felt strongly small group adult socialising and crafting was a great way forward.

Crafting and wellbeing go together with experts claiming that crafting can help people suffering from anxiety, depression and chronic pain. I provide a calm and relaxing environment where adults can explore a new skill and get some time out from our busy, hectic and, at times, chaotic lives.

Why not give it a go? Learn to do something new, find your thing, meet new people, make something you can be proud of and discover what you’re not so good at too!

“Had a really great evening learning a new craft such a relaxed and knowledgeable environment. With fabulous results. Highly recommend Forget-Me-Not!!”

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