Kate, Founder of Forget-Me-Not
I was recently asked about the benefits of our small group taster session crafting – well, where do I begin? There are so many benefits I’m sure I’ll miss some out, but here’s a quick overview of the main ones ...
Adult Crafting Sessions - Pottery Classes, Lutterworth, Leicestershire

Time Out

All crafting gives us a sense of wellbeing and mindfulness. This is only enhanced when undertaken with a group of like-minded people. Since we began offering adult crafting I have found that a large percentage of people coming to our sessions work in a high-stress environment (lots of NHS and education staff), are parents (often two young children) or are simply looking for somewhere to go with friends. I like to think that the majority of these people have left our sessions feeling proud of what they have achieved and much more relaxed than when they came in having had the time and space to be mindful!


Going into a large group session can be daunting, especially for a first-time crafter. We attempt to create a comfortable, relaxed session, enabling people to find their own way, with some guidance, to allow them to create an environment where they can feel secure.


Most crafts are simple to do – when you have the guidance, tools and know-how! During lockdown, many people used the free time they suddenly had to try new things, have a go at things they liked the look of and also to pick up old skills. Lots of people also bought a multitude of crafting kits to try – most of which, I’m willing to bet, are now shoved in the back of a cupboard for a rainy day! We offer the taster sessions so that people can be guided through the beginnings of a new craft, or helped along the way with an old one, culminating in a small, completed project to take home. The sense of pride is clear in all who leave with their very own work, off to hang up their rag wreaths or wool-weaved wall hanging. We have lots of return customers, sometimes making the same thing again and other times furthering their knowledge and trying a different project – after all, you can only have so many macrame candlelight hangers!

A sense of Community

There is a strong community of crafters, both locally and worldwide online. Once a craft has been attempted and a project conquered there is a multitude of ways people can continue their newfound skills. Since COVID many people find large gatherings uncomfortable and somewhat awkward. Our small group sessions allow everyone to access crafting in a place where they can feel at ease.


By offering taster sessions we are able to give people a chance to try new things without them having to buy a large amount of all the things needed. We aim to keep our prices affordable for people – most sessions are around the price of a bottle of wine, but with many more benefits!

As I said, there are so many benefits it would be impossible for me to write them all down, but for me, these are the most important.